Monday, December 13, 2004

DisasterChants (In Three Parts)

part I
i'm in this side,
you are over there,
and the horse of darkness sleeps.
once upon the time,
if i want to die,
and if you don't want to see me,
the horse of darkness will cry.


part II
time passes away,
i sit under the rain,
with all of my pains,
and leaves die for him.
drops of rain,
pound theirselves to the earth.
my breath stopped,
the pillow of clouds,
the blanket of leaves.


part III
her sister's dolls,
sleep comfortably,
they have see the dream of the kings,
the dreams of fairy's horse,
and they walk on the coloury circles of sky.
wish i were there,
i'm not a crying man.


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