Thursday, December 09, 2004


(a tribute to the unforgettable high school days)
(this is a true story !)

oh sweet days, Yashar was beside me,
Eghbal was too near, on the other bench,
Mehdi and Farzin were behind me,
but i can't explain where the hell i sat.
a great window, that was beside me too.
Yashar was on my left, window was on my right,
and the fuckin blackboard was afront of my eyes.
teacher turned the pages, teacher shouted,
teacher laughed, teacher denied.
i lose my control, sometimes,
on my bench, with some books and pen.
Anvari, the biologic teacher asked me a question,
i didn't know what he said,
i hide my lyrics, my drawings under my bench,
he smiled, and i smiled too.
he sended me down from the warm class,
into the cold corridor.
still i smiled.
i was not in the classroom, when he teached the lessons.
how could i change myself ?
music listening was so great,
lyrics writing was so emotional,
hiding and denying was so emotional too,
more than 10 notebooks full of lyrics and drawings.
i lose those days, those years,
from space life into algolagnia.


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