Monday, December 06, 2004

Open Eyes

be sure, this is my hand,
these are my fingers !
black death is for the beauties,
white death is for philosophers,
red skin, black skin, yellow skin,
watch them fly, watch them eat,
regional souls, regional communications,
sleepers hold up their hands,
to show they can live without open eyes !
suddenly a horrible scream,
i confuse, you refuse, they resist,
more than a horrible scream,
can you see ?
natural communications,
regional defecation,
empty stomach, heavy spaces,
fallen angels, burned wings girls !
regional souls, regional communications,
armageddon was here,
you must be a great sinner,
and in the moments of dying,
you must be a immortal penitent.
all through the moments of flying,
i think about how can i be a bird,
for the people of my region.
be sure, this is my wing,
these are my feathers !


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