Friday, December 03, 2004


the ambiguous presence of reality.
world of colors and woods of hate,
cabin of hunters and children always play
with their beauty little woody dolls.
mirrors, mirrors of reality,
fathers of innocence
and mothers of holiness.
world of happiness and houses of dismals.
black floors of street and blue roofs of sky,
hollowed by the smoke,
disturbed by women, killed by men.
a great night to think about a baby.
a girl or a boy ?
father prefers girl and mother prefers girl too.
enemies behind the walls,
god rules the world we live in and the world we never see.
god inner self ! once again a good question
who own the god ? no one or anyone ?
god is ours...welcome to my penetralia,
a place to talk about what the kind of life do you want !
a place to talk about where is the houses of lost lovers !
a place to talk about who is the biggest sinner of this world !
creators coulde be destroyers,
commanders could be servants,
and mums could be dadds,
and sisters could be brothers.
families of haters could be families of lovers.
and night of street sleepers is too long.
believe god, he is a great creator.
god is ours, and we reach to the end if he wants.
god is ours...welcome to my penetralia,
a place to find the real face of present reality.


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