Monday, February 07, 2005

Lost Prophet

(dedicate to the one & only Eilya Tahamtani)

here is only a way to my home.
feel free, feel my pains,
but take it easy.
O' brother, i was alone,
and will alone again,
with you or without you.
world is not enough,
to show you what's happened to me.
and time is not enough,
to show me what's happened to you.
my life will not continue anymore,
and only the signs of our brotherhood will remain.

here is only a way to my mind,
you can find it, you can repair it.
O' brother don't fill my grave,
i'm a man, i was so brave.
see me how i breathe.
see me how i repent.
this is my chance for living,
but now it's obscure by myself.
i'm a talkative,
but silence rules here.
i destroy myself,
by my family's silence,
or by their angers.
and this is the cause of my loneliness.
i make myself a madman,
a poor one who don't need anything.
but i lose you,
in somewhere,
in a grassland, when i was so crazy.
you as a wise,
and i as a madman,
i lose you once again,
and this is the end of innocence.

(forgive the man who stands alone !)


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