Sunday, June 05, 2005

I Turn On The Lights

(this isn't my pure end,
hello my lost friend...!)

long time ago, i and my sleepy spirit,
walked in a long and endless road,
a travel to the home of mine.
there was no one in the road,
no birds in the sky,
no sun in the horizon...
...and no mankind beside me as a friend !

i tried to find a light,
or lit up a match,
to find the truth about the road.
my inner pains fills my flesh,
forgotten loves and dreams...
...still i tried to find a light.

god catches the light from me,
winds blow the dusts away,
angels die first,
then my spirit decieds to do it,
after a minute my wings break,
my blood fills my way,
home of the silenced one burns...
...and i feel fine.

(how can i find you?)


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