Friday, January 07, 2005

Sweet Sorrow

until another speech,
no one wants to read.
i'm so tired,
my stomach is empty,
hit the lights
when the lights never shine anymore.
please pay attention,
to the people who wants to talk.
i will hit the lights,
one by one,
by my hands.
until another speech,
i quiet once again.
let god knows why i'm not a prophet.
knock the door,
i will open it.
trust the words,
and be quiet,
let god speaks about this theory.
mothers knows
that where is their milk.
father's whip will scare me.
scars of god and my father's whip.
hit the lights,
when the lights don't shine anymore.
don't pay attention to me,
don't help me,
because i'll lose myself once again.
long road to my home,
and i will never see my sisterland.
what's the time ?
when my friends return to their home ?
only god knows!

...until another speech,
no one wants to read this.


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