Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Am Damaged Within

i am damaged within.
through the drowning, i see myself,
isee a man who goes up,
without any wings.
through the time of sinning,
i spent my time for it,
may my sins rest in peace.
then i find my sin's depth,
i lose myself,
i shy to see him,
or say the other one's name.

i am damaged within,
and this damaged flesh did by my hands.
who wants to find the truth ?
to find the sanctification ?
am i reached to the depth of it ?
but when i taste the sin,
i never can think about sanctification,
after the sin testing,
i remember the passions,
what are so sweat...
...those are my sweat memories.

i am damaged within,
and this damaged flesh is fit to me.
yes, i'm the only witness of it,
and you will see it many times after me.
these virulent and sweat passions replaced,
replaced by the absolutely sweat passions.
i put my right hand on my left hand,
and dive into my thoughts,
may i find a single ray of light,
in the dark maze of my mind's mansion.
and believe me that there is a light,
that never hits and never dies.

if i be a damaged one,
that's because i lose the distance between the sin and rectitude,
between darkness and lightness.
and that's the reason,
to i see myself, go up,
without any wing.


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