Saturday, January 28, 2006

Silence Of Hopes (In 3 Chapters)

Chapter I
here is nothing to make me happy.
i can't feel the warmth of life,
but when i feel that here is the end of everything,
when i feel that there is no happiness and hope,
something grows in my flesh,
a great impression of ecstasy, trance, freedom, balance,
or something else...

and between these impressions i understand that
his heart is full of endless treasures,and my hands are full of nothing...

Chapter II
it's gone forever,
i'm still here, couldn't i ?
(would it be ?)

it's gone forever,
and no one is here,
i'm here, he is too, should we not here ?

and in the place that space and flying commands everything,
we can go.

Chapter III
for me silence is so beautiful.
swallowing in gruesome thoughts is very unforgettable.
and through this silence,
i save myself from the ocean of gruesome thoughts,
just like a saviour.

(takes from some scattered notes, winter of 2003, spring of 2004)


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