Saturday, March 11, 2006

Passing The Disease Lines

why you think god made some mistakes, to crashing me down?
i just let myself to sit next to an angel, the fallen one, who makes me mad,
who makes me love, who changed the world in some minutes ago...
this is not the lost part of mine, this is not the damaged part of yours,
this is only the home we creep into it, when we (i & you) listen to the voices of him,
and i drown when the lights were comes around, nobody listens to me,
i'm alone, and i deserve to hided from the sun.

my breath stops, my beat sings the song that you've played it before.
oh yes, this is me, and nobody knows me too much,
this is the way to know how is love and how is hate.
let me talk with somebody, if somebody wants.
let me know if you want to listen to me, and of course this is me,
the person that nobody wants to know him.
my breath begins, my beat doesn't sing any song from you,
oh yes, your feelings crawls into my flesh.

i never want to disappoint you, i never want to hurt you,
cut the rope and come back to me, when they accept that i'm a crazy,
and accept to see our relationship, in the winter nights, not in the autumn days.
all the beauties from you, all the ugly things from me, and now winter ends,
spring calls my name...

i can't go, let the sun consider this, consider me, consider you.
poisons don't give any answer to us, blades aren't the last ways,
i want to be you, i never feel pain, i never feel scare, if i be with you...
i can't go, poison don't give any answer to us, i want you.
i throw my self away, far from the heaven, far from the place you live.
someone searched the footsteps of yours, someone left the poor me,
just wait here for a few moments, let me stand up and stand on my own feet,
and then i don't want too many things from you...
only come here, i woke up some minutes ago,
party is over, i'm so tired, breakfast is ready...


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