Saturday, October 28, 2006

On My Stone

(just like a candle...)

the light of my candle fades in the wind,
and it doesn't make any sense to you.
because you never know what happened,
what happened to me,
and of course to my life.

all you said was about my reality,
and you thought it was a lie,
O' my brother, i lose it again.
and this time is so hard for me.

it writes one my stone, i was not reality,
because i was a dream and the man who lies beneath tried to make it real.
O' my sweet friend, accept all my excuses,
this wasn't a lie, and this wasn't a reality.
that was just a dream, and you was part of it.
you was part of it...
you was part of it...

but still i'm not sure.


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