Thursday, November 30, 2006

3 Stories About The Despoileds & The Deads

vision no 1 : Despoliation
all those birds, despoiled.
those sick cats couldn't stay.
until the darkness of night comes,
they will disappear in the trash of the city.
traitors sleep comfortably.

vision no 2: Cracks Of The Stone
i don't know !
do you know ?
how to learn a child about how we can plan a perfect suicide,
to end our life.
and how is the way of telling the children
"why he commited suicide, because of his meeting with the day,
but that shiny sun stuck behind the mountains"

i don't know !
do you know ?

vision no 3 : Story Of My Friend, About How He Died
i can remember his birth,
in a crowded place,
when i lost myself.
when he had a smile on his face,
and didn't think about why he couldn't see me.
he said hello to the world and came out from my head.
that was in the beginning of the night.

and now i don't know what was the time,
when he died, when he passed away,
without any goodbye, without any farewell.
this is the way how i feel loneliness,

did he think we should be closer ?


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