Friday, March 09, 2007

The Cashier

February 15
A million stars glow in the night, all my neighbours sleep,
and i'm going shopping, i'm walking, at 00:34 am.
nobody knows why i decided to go shopping late at night.
when i desired to see her once again, i picked up the phone,
and dialled her number,...
she was there. she said everything is ready for our visit.
i'm wearing my overcoat, i'm so happy, tired & wishful.
i only think about her and her weaked voice.

February 2nd
when i arrived the store, she was sitting lonely behind the cash,
and smoked her cigar. queitly, with no expectance in her eyes.
i said: "hey !" and she turned back and said: "hey dad ! where the hell were you?


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