Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chaos !

this was a room, of an unknown man who doesn't live here anymore.
all these things i see comes from our home,
and this place will be our jamming room.
this is me, and he is my friend who wants to play with me.
i never want it again but it still sings here and i love that.
i tune my guitar and plug my microphone,
i try to unplug myself from this place, but i can't.
he looks at me and i still tune my guitar, i try to remind something.
wish i tried it before...
this wasn't my intro for this song, but i play that kind of shit,
and all of us think we are in the right way.
this is the time i should sing, and this is what i tried to remind.
i close my eyes and send a noise to microphone.
he stands out there and still looks into my eyes.
i can't remind the lyrics and our time is over.


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