Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Parade Of Heaven's Tears

I passed so many roads, silent streets,
in the rainy cold nights and in the hot mornings.
all my big and small crimes passed before my eyes,
and I thought all those things will be only a big joke.
but all those beautiful soft crimes turned to a big mistake.
they told me it was a big mistake.
I don't know,
I don't remember how it was happened to me.

how can I take it easy when I can't keep it real.
how can you command me when I lose my mind.
let me learn how I can clean my tears from my face.

I passed so many highways, skyscrapers,
and I made some plans to what I should do with myself.
and now somebody tells me I had survived from those days,
but I can't believe about how heaven could be an abyss.
I didn't survive. if my beautiful heaven was a horrific abyss,
I swallowed in that, deeper, deeper, deeper.

how can I take it easy when I can't keep it real.
how can you try to pull the strings when there is no puppet.
let me know how I can recover those things,
how I can send my heaven, back to its place.


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