Friday, April 13, 2007

All The Same Events !

In the first night,
I wore my headphone and played that song,
the most dreamy song I've ever heard in my life,
but that was not "Closer".
after more than 7 times of hearing that song, I fell into sleep.
and I had the most beautiful dream I could ever have.
I can't remember that dream now !

in the second night,
once again I wore my headphone and played that song.
and it played more than 7 times.
I fell into sleep and once again I watched that dream,
the dream that I had in the last night.
that was a song that led me to the most beautiful and endless
dream in the world.

Before the third night comes,
when I was at office, I desired to go home,
night comes, I jump into my bed and play that goddamned song.

the 3rd night comes,
but I've lost that song on my player.
I can't find that song and I don't have that song on any other places.
and I can't remember where and when I found that song.
I've lost that song forever. and I can't have that beautiful dream again.
that didn't happen for the third time and because of it the game didn't start.


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